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Handy Talky HT SPC SH-20
Handy Talky HT SPC SH-20
Handy Talky HT SPC SH-20
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IDR 525000.00

Specification of

Radio Communication, Walkie Talkie / HT SPC SH-20

Handy Talky briefly called HT is a communication device that looks like a mobile phone that can communicate two or more people using radio waves and often used for temporary communication because the channel can be changed at any time. Most Handy Talky is used to perform both functions of speech or listening and can not speak at the same time. Suitable for security, police, security guard, boat, marine radio, airband radio, hotel, fire extinguisher.


     Dual Band
     UHF frequency: 400 - 430 MHZ
     frequency VHF: 136 - 173 MHZ
     Output 4W / 1W
     VOX Function
     50 CTCSS and 104 DCS Codes
     Dimensions: 110x58x32 mm
     Weight: 245 g
     Water Resistant

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