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FWP GSM Huawei
FWP GSM Huawei
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GSM FWP Wireless Phone

Phone FWP GSM (Fixed Wireless Phone) is a home phone that uses GSM card (Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, etc), can be used for incoming and outgoing calls. This GSM phone only uses electric plugs only, and FWP is very flexible because it can be placed anywhere and used whenever because this FWP has a battery like HP just stay in charge. In this modern phone you can easily communicate by phone or SMS, because in it there is a SMS feature that supports you to SMS in a short time.

Features of FWP (FIXED WIRELESS PHONE) GSM Huawei F316:

      Send and receive SMS
      Sim card GSM
      Loud speakers
      Emergency call
      Short message
      Antenna TNC
     Call ID, call log, call waiting, call divert, call on hold and conference call

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