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Panasonic KX T7703X Cable Phone
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Panasonic KX T7703X Cable Phone

The phone is a communication tool used to deliver voice messages (especially conversational messages). The phone works by sending sound waves through the electric current in the telephone network so that we can communicate with other phone users. The receiver will capture the electrical vibrations of our voice as the sounds it hears.

When we talk on the phone, we pull out sound waves from the mouth. Sound waves that are carried by the electric current to the other person. When we talk on the phone, sound waves will hit the diaphragm so the diaphragm vibrates. Behind the diaphragm is placed a small set of carbon grains that will be depressed if the diaphragm vibrates. When the carbon granules are depressed, the electrical resistance becomes smaller, causing the electric current to flow through the telephone circuit.

Telephone Panasonic KX T7703X has caller ID facility that is the number of callers can appear number and there is 1 line LCD screen, Can be used for analog phone Pabx.

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