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Telepon Panasonic KX-TS840ND
Telepon Panasonic KX-TS840ND
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IDR 475000.00

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Panasonic KX-TS845ND telephone

The KX-TS845 telephone is a public telecommunications device. The telephone works by sending sound waves through electric currents in the telephone network so that we can communicate with other telephone users. The telephone receiver will capture the electrical vibrations of our voices as they hear them.
When we talk on the phone, we emit sound waves from the mouth. This sound wave is carried by an electric current to the other person. When we talk on the phone, sound waves will hit the diaphragm so that the diaphragm vibrates. Behind the diaphragm is a small set of carbon grains which will be pressed if the diaphragm vibrates. When carbon grains are pressed, the electrical resistance becomes smaller, causing electrical current to flow through the telephone circuit.

Simply put, the cable telephone working system is as follows:
a. the sound from the sender is received by a device called the diaphragm (microphone)
b. diaphragm (microphone) converts sound waves into electrical signals and is then transmitted by telephone devices
c. the signal is transmitted via cable to the telecommunication center
d. from the telecommunications center, the signal is forwarded to the recipient
e. after arriving at the router, the signal is converted into a sound wave by a device called a speaker.

The KX-TS845ND phone has the following features:
• Hands-free Speakerphone
• 30-Station One Touch / Speed ​​Dialer
• Auto Redial / Automatic Pause, Mute
• Timed Flash & 2-Step Tilt Angle
• Auto Redial & Ringer Indicator (LED)
• Long Cord Handset (39cm) & Dial Lock 94 PIN Bits)
• Call Restriction (2 PIN digits)
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 104 x 173 x 220 mm
• Weight: 570g

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