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VTECH ES1610A Wireless Telephone
VTECH ES1610A Wireless Telephone
VTECH ES1610A Wireless Telephone
VTECH ES1610A Wireless Telephone
VTECH ES1610A Wireless Telephone
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Specification of

VTECH ES1610A Wireless Phone

Main feature

  • 2 in 1 Wireless Telephones, connect to mobile phones to make and receive cellular and telephone network calls
  • Very Low Radiation Mode (Very Low Radiation)
  • Dual-charging handset design
  • Modern slim design with 4 colors that is suitable for every home and apartment


  • Pair up to 2 cellphones and activate just one cellphone when call is in progress
  • After the BLUETOOTH cellphone is attached to the base, the system will be accessible automatically when the device is within range
  • The system can identify landline and cellphone calls using different ringtones

Phone feature

  • Increased digital voice clarity
  • 300 meter (outdoor) speaking range *
  • Very low Radiation Mode (Very Low Radiation) ** operates with the lowest radiation level
  • Large character and backlit LCD screen
  • The speakerphone on the handset has high quality
  • 20 phonebook directory names and numbers
  • Display 10 caller names and numbers ***
  • Redial the last 5 numbers
  • 10 tones (5 paliphonic and 5 standard)
  • 5 earpiece volume levels and handset volume tones

*Wireless handset coverage handset up to 300 meters ‘placed at the maximum range of open fields. The actual range can be different depending on the obstacles that prevent it

**In talk mode, the handset will adjust and discuss its radio frequency automatically, according to the distance between the handset and the base

***Use of the Caller ID feature requires a subscription from your local operator.

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